Samsung Galaxy S7 Rejecting a Call with your Own SMS Text

When you receive a call on your Samsung Galaxy S7, you have the option of rejecting it with a text message message. For the Samsung Galaxy S7 under Android some standard texts exist, but that may not be enough. This is why there is the possibility to store your own texts for rejecting calls.

Samsung Galaxy S7

If you still do not know how to add your own texts to reject calls, we would like to explain this to you. To do this, please open the menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7 from the start screen and then the settings.

Navigate from here now to:

  • Applications --> Phone --> Call barring --> Reject message to the call

In this submenu you can now write a new rejection message. Write your short text and add it to the list by tapping the plus symbol. You can remove already rejected refusal messages or the factory installed ones with the minus symbol from the list.

If you now receive a call on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can deactivate it very easily with the rejected message. You now know how to reject a call on your Samsung Galaxy S7 with your own text message.

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