Samsung Galaxy S7 Remove memory card safely from the device

You might know this procedure of USB Flash Drives in Microsoft Windows. To prevent data loss, USB sticks and external hard drives need to be separated in the operating system before they can be deduct from the USB port.

Samsung Galaxy S7

So it is the same with the Micro SD memory card on the Samsung Galaxy S7: Before you can remove the memory card from the Samsung Galaxy S7, this should be disabled in Android Marshmallow. Only then it is ensured that no data is lost. We explain here how to deal with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and to remove the memory card safe:

Navigate from the Home screen to:

Menu --> Settings --> Storage --> SD Card

In this menu you can now disable the SD card of your Samsung Galaxy S7. After the Micro SD card has been deactivated, it can be removed safely from the device. Use the supplied tool to open the SIM card/ memory card slot at the top end of the housing.

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