Samsung Galaxy S7 Remove single words from dictionary

If you write text with the Samsung keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S7, then these special new words will be remember in a dictionary. It is then possible for the keyboard to display such words in a suggestion bar. It may be that this bar words contain words that you do not want to see, but want to delete.

In Android Nougat, deleting individual words from the dictionary works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

On the Samsung Galaxy S7, open an app that displays the keyboard. Now enter the first letters so that you can see the word you want to delete in the suggestion bar.

To delete this, press and hold the word. A pop-up with "Remove - Your word will be removed from the learned words" will appear. Confirm this query with "OK". The word is deleted from the dictionary and will no longer appear.

This is in Android nougat a substantial improvement compared to before. Now you know how to delete individual words on the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android nougat.

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