Samsung Galaxy S7 screen black and no function - solved

Unfortunately it can occur on the Samsung Galaxy S7 that if you want to wake this up from the stand-by, the screen remains black and nothing more works. No matter what you do, the display remains black.

Pressing the power button, attempting a soft reset, connecting to the charging cable, all to no avail. Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 now broken and must be send in warranty? In most cases, not! Because with our tip you can revive your Samsung Galaxy S7 and pick up the black screen.

How this works, we explain to you here in our guide:

Samsung Galaxy S7 revive - step by step

Samsung Galaxy S7

To get your Samsung Galaxy S7 back to work, you have to press the following keys and hold down for approx. 12-15 seconds:

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume-Silent
  • Home Button

After you have held these three buttons for about 12 seconds, a menu appears on the display, the so-called "Download Mode" of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Press the volume down key to exit this mode.

Afterwards the Samsung Galaxy S7 starts again and you can use this hopefully as it was before. The problem with the black screen, however, can always appear again, if you have not found the cause for it. Has a new app been installed in the past? Are all current firmware updates installed?

This is only a fraction of the possible causes for the black screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7. At least, you now know how to revive the Samsung Galaxy S7 when this error occurs.

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