Samsung Galaxy S7 screen rotation in status bar not available – solved

If you do not have the function "screen rotation" on your Samsung Galaxy S7 after updating to Android Nougat in the status bar, this may be because the name of the function changes - Depending on what is currently set.

Let's explain this to you as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. If the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 turns automatically, you have to tap "Rotate screen" to fix the screen in the status bar.

2. Otherwise: If you see "portrait", then your screen is fixed. If you tap on "portrait" the screen automatically rotates when tilting the smartphone.

The quick start toggle in the status bar always shows the current status.

You now know how the screen rotation function in Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7 works and you can now use this hopefully as desired.

If the function still does not exist, you should rearrange the corresponding toggle.


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