Samsung Galaxy S7 Screenshot Location on internal memory

If you have created a screenshot, you will usually find it in the Gallery app under the "Screenshots" folder. If you want to access this folder using a file explorer or the computer, you may not be able to find the screenshot.

The question you are going to ask is:

Where is the location of a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Here is the answer with the exact file path for screenshots.

Open the file explorer "My Files" to see the path of the screenshot folder. Navigate in this as follows:

1. Tap "Device memory" and then "DCIM"

2. Here you see a folder with "Screenshots". This includes all screenshots that you have taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

3. The exact path for the screenshots is: Internal Memory/DCIM/Screenshots

You now know under which file path the Samsung Galaxy S7 saves screenshots and how you find can them.


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