Samsung Galaxy S7 SD card notification does not go away

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has again the option to use a Micro SD memory card. With this it is possible to outsource images, videos and other media files and so relieve the internal memory.

Now it can happen after inserting the memory card that the following message continually appears in the status bar of your smartphone:

"SD card For transferring photos and media"

Samsung Galaxy S7

If this message appears in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and do not disappear even after the "Out wipe" of this, then your Samsung Galaxy S7 assumes that the memory card is always and always inserted and connected. If this is the case, then please try the following tip:

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the menu and then the System settings. Navigate from here to:

Memory -> SD Card

Select in this submenu now please "Formatting". Attention! All data on the memory card will be deleted. Create a backup if data is already available. Your memory card will be formatted by the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android marshmallow. This results in that the memory card is recorded with the correct file system.

Then, the memory card is re-connected and can be used. If you now look and wipe in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S7 the notification "SD card For transferring photos and media", then it should not reappear again. We hope this has helped you also on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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