Samsung Galaxy S7 Send SOS messages in critical situations

If you ever get into an emergency situation in which you need to quickly inform one of your relatives about your location, then you can use the SOS message service, which has been implemented on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

This service does not replace the call to the relevant authorities such as fire department, police and rescue services, but communicates to one or more contacts of you, where you are currently staying. Additionally a photo or a sound is recorded.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The SOS message service uses information from your mobile internet connection and your GPS position. The emergency service, when it is activated, can be started by pressing the Power On/ Off button three times in as short row.

Now we tell you how to activate the SOS message service on your Samsung Galaxy S7:

Open: Home screen --> Menu --> Settings --> Privacy & Security --> Send SOS messages

Activate the option via the Master controller. You now need to select at least one contact to be notified when you press the key combination for the SOS message service.

Enable also:

  • Attach Images
  • Record audio

Then you can use the SOS message service of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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