Samsung Galaxy S7 Set Display brightness permanently to maximum

On your Samsung Galaxy S7 the brightness of the display is set to automatic. This means that the brightness of the screen is adjusted according to the ambient light. In bright surroundings the display brightness is maximized and dimmed in dark surroundings.

If you want the display brightness to be set to maximum all the time, please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Navigate to the following Android submenu on your Samsung Galaxy S7:

Step 1: App Menu -> Settings

Step 2: Look for the entry "Display" and tap on it

Step 3: You will see the settings for "Brightness" right from the start. Now you have to remove the hook from the checkbox at "Auto". Then the brightness control must be moved to the right to achieve the maximum brightness of the display. Done!

You may notice that the maximum brightness of the screen at "Auto" is higher than it is in manual mode. The reason is that with a maximum display brightness, there is the danger that the display or the pixels will burn in. This is prevented by the fact that at the maximum setting the brightness is not quite at the 100% possible.

The full 100% display brightness can only be achieved if your Samsung Galaxy S7 is rooted. We would not recommend this for security reasons. You now know how to maximize the display brightness on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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