Samsung Galaxy S7 Set GPS Position accuracy to “high” - solved

For many apps a position determination via GPS is used. For example, within Pokémon GO the location determination is performed to navigate the map. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 there are three different methods for the location determination.

In order to ensure optimal location determination, the Option "GPS, W-Lan and mobile networks" should be activated. With our guide you can quickly check, if on your Samsung Galaxy S7 the above-mentioned search method of the GPS is activated.

Samsung Galaxy S7

To do this open the menu and then the settings of your Android operating system. Here you have to navigate to "Privacy and Security". You will then find the menu item "Location" within the submenu that opens.

Tap this menu item and then select "Search method". You have now the following three options:

  • GPS, WLAN and mobile networks
  • WLAN and mobile networks
  • GPS only

The setting for the location determination should be at least "GPS only", but best "GPS, WLAN and mobile networks". This increases the GPS position determination of your Samsung Galaxy S7. This significantly improves the accuracy of the site.

You should also activate at least the "W-Lan Scan" under the menu item "Improve accuracy". You now know how to increase the GPS position accuracy on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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