Samsung Galaxy S7 Show date and time on home screen - solution

If you cannot see a date and time on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7, then this is not a big problem. Because you can easily use a widget to display the time and date on the start screen.

We'll explain how this works:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Press on a free area of ​​the home screen. This will make it smaller and a menu will appear.

2. In this menu, select "Widgets", which now shows you a list of all available widgets.

3. Look for "Clock". Tap the widget and you can choose between an analogue clock and a digital clock.

4. Press your finger on the widget you want to place on the home screen. Press on it to lift it off and switch to the home screen.

5. Hold down the time widget until it is at the place of the home screen where it should appear later. If this is the case, let the widget go.

You have just successfully placed a widget on the Samsung Galaxy S7 home screen where the time and date are displayed permanently. So you always have direct access to these time data from the start screen.


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