Samsung Galaxy S7 Status bar Show more than 3 notifications

After the firmware update on Android Nougat 7.0, only 3 notifications in the form of a symbol are displayed in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S7. Further notifications can then only be viewed through the lowering of the bar. If you think three notification icons are too little, you can change this as follows in Android Nougat:

Display more than three notifications in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Android 7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. From the Homescreen, open Menu --> Settings

2. Scroll down to "Display" and select "Status bar" in the following submenu

3. Here you will find "Show only recent notifications" - Disable the option

From now on on your Samsung Galaxy S7 will show more than three notifications in the status bar, which gives you a better overview of this.


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