Samsung Galaxy S7 Switch Language to Arabic

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is delivered as standard in English language. If you prefer to use a different language, such as Arabic, you can change this in the Android system settings as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. From the start screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7, open the app menu and continue to the settings.

2. From here, go to "General Administration" and then "Language & Input" --> "Language"

3. You can now add a new language by tapping the "Add Language" button

4. The Arabic language is located at the end of the list, since languages ​​with different alphabet are listed here.

5. Select Arabic if the language is not yet displayed on your display, this is not yet set as the main language. To set this setting on the Samsung Galaxy S7, follow these steps:

6. From the Language submenu, tap Edit on the top right. Then slide Arabic to the first position – Finished!

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 should now display everything in Arabic. You now know how to set the Samsung Galaxy S7 language to Arabic.


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