Samsung Galaxy S7 Top 5 secret codes for the phone app

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 you can open functions and secret menus by using certain codes, which you enter into the phone app of the device. We would like to present below the 5 most important secret codes for the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Phone Code: *#0*#

This code shows the service menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7. You can run many different hardware tests and function tests in this menu, which then check the functions on your smartphone for correct function. Here, for example, the calibration of the compass, the height sensor and many other sensors can be checked.

Phone Code: *#7353#

Another service menu for checking different sensors and the camera.

Phone code: *#9090#

This code is used to call up the service mode of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Tests should only be carried out if the effects are known.

Phone code: *#06#

This code is used to quickly and easily find the IMEI serial number of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Phone Code: *#0808#

Here you can change the USB options of your Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, you can change the USB mode from MTP to PTP etc. Keep in mind that settings that are made here can affect connectivity with the computer via USB.

You now know the 5 most important phone codes that you can run on your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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