Samsung Galaxy S7 Turn screen in your pocket off - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is equipped with the new Always-On Display. This means that information such as time, calendar, new notifications, etc. are shown on the display. Now it makes little sense that the display is activated, when you carry the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the pocket or purse.

Because here you can´t read anything. For this reason, Samsung has implemented a feature that detects whether your smartphone is in a pocket or not. If that is the case, then the Always On display is not activated but turned off. This saves battery power and increases battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S7

You can activate "keep screen turned off" on the Samsung Galaxy S7 like:

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S7: Menu --> Settings --> Display

Now scroll down a bit until you omit the entry „keep screen turned off " can see. Activate this option now, so that the device not automatically turns on in a dark environment. You now know how to automatically turn off the Always On display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in your pocket.


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