Samsung Galaxy S7 USB connection to PC not possible

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and connect it with the PC via USB copy data or to create a backup, then you may have problems with the connection.

That's why we have summarized for you here a small manual, which should help you to successfull connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the PC via USB cable:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Tip 1: Enable USB debugging

USB debugging actually belongs to the app development area. However, by activating this option, a USB connection between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the PC is simplified. In the following instructions you will find everything about USB Debugging and where you can activate this in Android.

Tip 2: Activate MTP + ADP in USB Settings

On the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can view and change USB settings. To improve the connection between your smartphone and the computer, it is recommended to set the USB settings to the status "MTP + ADP". How this works exactly and where you find the USB settings on the Samsung Galaxy S7, this is explained you exactly here.

Tip 3: Using another USB cable

Often, the reason of a bad USB connection to your computer is the used USB cable. Mostly the USB cable that was included with your Samsung Galaxy S7 should work for the data exchange with the PC. If this does not work, try another USB cable.

Tip 4: Testing another USB port

It is strange that a connection via USB between Samsung Galaxy S7 and PC only works with certain USB ports. If you cannot connect via USB, try to use a different USB port of your PC.

We hope that one of the above tips helped you to connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the PC via USB cable.

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