Samsung Galaxy S7 Use camera in silent mode - Tip

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 takes great shots even in dark and dim environment. Thus, the smart phone is ideal to make photos in museums, churches or other places where it should be silent. However the Shutter sound of the camera disturbs in such environments.

The typical "click", which sounds when taking a picture should be set to silent.

Samsung Galaxy S7

But the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers in the Camera app here no solution, so you have to use the following workaround:

If you want to make your Samsung Galaxy S7 camera quietly, then you need to switch the smartphone in the vibration or silent mode.

1. Pull the status bar down

2. Tap the sound icon

3. Change it to "vibration" or "Silent"

You can then take photos and videos with the Samsung Galaxy S7 without hearing a Shutter sound. We hope this little trick helps you to use the camera in silent and quiet environments.


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