Samsung Galaxy S7 Use charging cable of the Galaxy S5 – solved

If you forgot your charging cable for the Samsung Galaxy S7 at home and would now like to charge your smartphone, it might come down to the idea of ​​using the charging cable from a friend or girlfriend.

This has however a cable, which was destined for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now you may ask the question:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Can I use the Samsung Galaxy S5 charging cable also for my Samsung Galaxy S7?

The answer to this question is Yes! It is no problem to use the charging cable of the S5 for the Samsung Galaxy S7, as both smartphones are loaded via a Micro USB port. Only the quick charge option does not work with the S5 charging cable because of the lower charging current.

This means that your Samsung Galaxy S7 needs a bit longer to recharge to 100% than it would be with the rapid-charge cable. After all, you can now recharge your Samsung Galaxy S7 without worry.


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