Samsung Galaxy S7 Using Android Beam to exchange data - NFC

Samsung Galaxy S7 uses many methods to transfer data between compatible devices. In addition to Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth, there is also the option to use Android Beam.

Here, you need to pair two Android Beam enabled devices together with the back cover. If the other device is recognized via NFC, then one can send files very easily and without further approval. This is however again carried out with Bluetooth.

In this article, we will now explain how you can enable Android Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and, for example, send a photo.

To activate Android Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S7 please open

Samsung Galaxy S7

Menu --> Settings --> "NFC and Payment".

Then tap "Android Beam" and activate it with the slider.

Transferring files like photos via Android Beam

 After you have carried out step 1, you must activate Android Beam on another Android smartphone. This can also be found under the name S Beam.

To send a photo via Android Beam, open the gallery on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and then select a photo displayed in large. Then hold the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the back to the case at the back of the second smartphone.

The message "Touch to send" appears on the Samsung Galaxy S7. When you tap the image, the photo is transferred directly to the other smartphone. The transmission is carried out via Bluetooth.

You now know how to enable Android Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and send files over it.

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