Samsung Galaxy S7 - What are DNG files? Solved!

When you open the File Explorer "My Documents" on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and navigate there in the directory /DCIM /camera, then you will may find there files with the following extensions: .dng

Now you might be wondering:

What are DNG files?

Samsung Galaxy S7

This question we want to answer here:

DNG files are photos, taken in RAW format. The RAW format is the uncompressed file format of an image. The RAW files are automatically created on your Samsung Galaxy S7, once you have enabled within the camera app the option "Save as RAW File". If you do not want that your Samsung Galaxy S7 also creates the RAW format of photos next to the JPEG format, then you can disable this setting as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Open the camera app and the camera settings by clicking on the gear symbol. Deactivate now the option "Save as RAW File". Done!

Immediately your Samsung Galaxy S7 will save no more photos in RAW format.



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