Samsung Galaxy S7 What means LTE, H +, 3G, E and G? – Solved

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S7 you will find one of the following symbols next to the network bars: LTE, H +, 3G, E and G. Possibly you do not know what these abbreviations stand for.

This is exactly what we want to explain to you in our article.

Meaning of the icons of the mobile data connection in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

LTE or 4G

The name stands for "Long Term Evolution" and is currently the fastest mobile data connection method. 4G stands for fourth generation in this case. If this character is displayed in the status bar, you will be able to surf with the fastest mobile data speed that your mobile provider or your smartphone provides. Speeds of 21.6 Mbit / s in the download and up to 5.7 Mbit / s in the upload are theoretically possible.

H+ corresponds to HSPA (HSDPA / HSUPA)

This is the second fastest data speed you can reach with your Samsung Galaxy S7. The speed in the download is up to 7.5 Mbit/s, in the upload are about 1.35 Mbit/s managed.

3G corresponds to UMTS

UMTS is also one of the faster Internet connections, but is much slower than LTE and H +. Even so, you can also display Internet content on the Samsung Galaxy S7 quickly. The download with this type of connection comes at a speed of 380 Kbit / s and in the upload to about 180 Kbit/s.

E corresponds to Edge

Edge already belongs to the slower connections, but is almost available in almost all parts of the USA. This creates a download speed of approx. 218 kbit / s and an upload speed of 109 kbit / s. This does not allow you to watch videos, but only web pages, but this only with considerable time lag.

G corresponds to GPRS

The G stands for GPRS and represents the slowest speed possible on the Samsung Galaxy S7. In the download, a GPRS connection creates approx. 53.6 Kbit / s in the upload about 27 Kbit / s. So you can still write WhatsApp messages (without pictures), the connection speed is more than "dinosaurs".

You now know the meaning of the symbols of the mobile data connection on your Samsung Galaxy S7 status bar.

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