Samsung Galaxy S7 Where is the Car mode? Solved!

With the car mode the Samsung Galaxy S7t can be easily operated while driving. This mode was previously installed on the previous Galaxy S models, but is cannot be found on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Is the Auto Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 no longer usable?

The answer is fortunately no, it is usable! But the Auto mode has to be downloaded and installed by the user himself via the Galaxy App Store.

We tell you how to find and install the car mode on your Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Proceed with these steps:

1. Open the Galaxy App Store on your Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Search within the menu-bar for "Car Mode". It appears the app "Car Mode (For Galaxy)“

3. Tap on "install "and the Car mode will now be installed on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Then you will find this new app within the app-menu, and can be opened from there. The Car Mode supports for example, Mirror link to Volkswagen vehicles. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S7 display is transmitted to the display of the vehicle and therefore the auto mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is even more efficient.

Have fun with it and always drive safely!


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