Samsung Galaxy S7 Which virus scanner should I install? Solved

There are currently many virus scanners on the market and many of them work very well. However, we would like to introduce today a virus scanner for the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is very useful and secure.

Samsung Galaxy S7

It is the Avast Mobile Security antivirus app. This virus scanner provides the following options for your Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Virus and Malware Scanner
  • locates Trojans in files and apps
  • Reviewing app permissions
  • Call block
  • Finds system vulnerabilities
  • Wireless networks security check
  • Automatic scan can be programmed

The Avast virus scanner is the ideal tool to protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 sufficient. In addition, this virus scanner is also free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

Another advantage is the low energy consumption of the virus scanner. This affects the battery consumption in the lowest possible amount. We hope you enjoy the Avast virus scanner.

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