Samsung Galaxy S7 wireless charging is not possible – Tip

If you want to charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 with an induction charger, then this may not work properly. It is usually the case that the smartphone briefly indicates that it is being loaded, but then the charging process is not continued.

The reason is usually the cable, the charger or the protective case. If the inductive charging does not work with your Samsung Galaxy S7, please try the following three tips:

Check the charger and the cable of the inductive charging station.

If the current of the charging station is too weak, no induction charge can occur. We recommend you therefore alternative a different charger. Use the original charger of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to try out. Check before, however, whether the charging station can withstand the charging current of the charger. Mostly, this measure helps to charge the Samsung Galaxy S7 wirelessly

Remove the protective case

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 is stored in a protective case or case, it may prevent the wireless charging. Take the protective cover off as a test to check whether the induction charging station correctly charges the smartphone.

Check an alternative induction charging station

If the two tips mentioned above have not helped, then the induction charging station may be defective. We recommend that you check with a friend, acquaintance or in the shop, if the cordless charging of the Samsung Galaxy S7 works with another station.

If this does not work, it may be that there is a defect in your Samsung Galaxy S7, but this is rarely the case. We hope that one of the facts above is the reason why your Samsung Galaxy S7 cannot be charged wirelessly.

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