Samsung Galaxy S8 Activate Master Synchronization

It can happen to you that suddenly no accounts are synchronized on the Samsung Galaxy S8. For example, no emails are retrieved, you will not receive any WhatsApp messages or any other notifications of apps that communicate with the Internet. Why?

Samsung Galaxy S8

Usually a deactivated master sync is the reason. If the Master Sync is disabled, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will no longer sync for all accounts. This means you have to reactivate the master synchronization on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

To do this, drag the status bar down from the top with two fingers. You are already seeing some toggles in front of you. The sync, however, is usually ex-factory on page 2. Change to the next page. Tap the following toggle to turn the Master Sync back on:

  • Sync

As soon as it is blue, the sync on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is active again and everything should run as you are used to.


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