Samsung Galaxy S8 Activate screen saver for charging

If you would like to use a screen saver on the Samsung Galaxy S8 then this is aside from the Always On Display only possible during charging. Thus you can display photos, a photo-table, a clock, etc. during the charging of the battery.

Just when the smartphone is charged in a place where you often see the device, then such a screen saver can be quite nice. And so the screen saver on the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be activated in the Android settings:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the settings of the Android operating system and then the entry "Display"

2. Scroll all the way down until you see "Screen saver" - Select the entry

3. Use the slider to activate the option

4. Now you will see all available options. These are:

  • Photo Frame
  • Photos
  • Photo Table
  • Clock

5. Using the gear icon, you can configure the display again.

If you now connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to a charger, then during the charging process, the selected screen saver appears.


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