Samsung Galaxy S8 Activate WiFi energy saving mode - save battery

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers various options and settings to reduce the battery consumption as much as possible. Various methods are used, some of which have to be activated first.

For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can enable Wi-Fi Sleep Mode in Android Settings. The following article explains how this works and what exactly the purpose of the function is:

How W-Lan Energy Saving Mode work

Samsung Galaxy S8

Whenever the W-Lan connection is up and running and your router is up, battery life is being consumed by the Samsung Galaxy S , Often, however, this is unnecessary because you just do not need Internet etc. Here comes the new feature into play. If the "W-Lan Power Saving Mode" option is activated on the S8, then patterns in wireless data traffic are analyzed and the wireless connection is adjusted accordingly.

For example, your e-mail program automatically retrieves e-mail from your inbox server every 15 minutes. The energy-saving mode recognizes that this process takes place only every 15 minutes.

This means that only at this time the W-Lan connection must be made. So all apps etc. and your usage behavior of the W-Lan are analyzed and then the W-Lan connection adjusted accordingly.

As a result, you'll have times when the wireless can be turned off without you having a disadvantage, but the battery performance is spared.

How to enable Wi-Fi Power Saver on the Samsung Galaxy S8:

1. Open the App menu, then Settings

2. Select "Connections" and then "Wi-Fi."

3. Tap "Advanced" in the top right corner

4. You will now see the settings for "W-Lan"

5. Activate "WLAN energy saving mode"

You now know how the WLAN energy saving mode works and how you can activate it on the Galaxy S8.

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