Samsung Galaxy S8 Add contact pictures – Tip

You can show for contacts a picture in the contacts app of your Samsung Galaxy S8. These are the so-called contact pictures, which make it easier for you to find a specific contact in everyday life.

If you do not know how this works with the new S8 or S8 Plus, please proceed as follows:

Assign contact pictures - Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Start from the home screen and open the contacts app of the smartphone. You should now see all your contacts. Select a contact to which you want to add a contact picture.

A small menu will open. Tap "Details". You will see the contact information in the detail view. Select "Edit" and you will see a circle with a camera icon in the middle of a new window. Tap this. The live camera view will open.

You now have two options:

  • Capture a new image - Tap the shutter button
  • Select Gallery Image - Tap the Gallery icon to the right of the shutter button

Depending on how you chose, you can now capture or select a profile image or a contact image, Don´t forget to save the contact with the profile image you just assigned. Finished!

You have just added a profile to a contact on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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