Samsung Galaxy S8 Add new home screen page

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Home screen comes with three factory pages that can be filled with apps and widgets. Too little? No problem, because here we explain to you nicely how to add new pages to the Samsung Galaxy S8 home screen. This works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, you first return to the home screen:

1. Now long press on an empty area or on the area between two apps

2. Now the home screen menu opens - you will see the home screen page reduced in size - Scroll all the way to the right - A page with a plus symbol appears

3. Tap this page n times to add a new page to the home screen - repeat tapping until you have enough new home screen pages

You now have more space for widgets and apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8. How to place a widget or an app on the home screen is described in the following article:



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