Samsung Galaxy S8 Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Home Button

The Home Button of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is no longer physically present but part of the navigation bar in form of display buttons.

It may be that the home button is too sensitive or too slow for you to react. This can happily be adjusted via the settings. We explain to you how to adjust the pressure sensitivity of the Home Button on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. From the home screen, open the app menu and go to settings

2. From here, go to "Display" and "Navigation bar" Now scroll down a good bit downwards to the section "Sensitivity of the Home button“

3. You can now see a slider with" Sensitive "and" Less Sensitive ". Move these controls so that they meet your demands on the home button.

You now know the way to set the sensitivity of the navigation button "Home" on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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