Samsung Galaxy S8 Alarm Clock does not work

It may happen that you set an alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it does not ring at the desired time. This means that the alarm function of the smartphone has failed.

Of course that is not nice, because you probably missed an appointment. To prevent this from happening in the future, please check the following:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Alarm settings – Check volume

Open the "Clock" app on the smartphone and then the alarm clock that did not work correctly. Now select "Alarm Tone and Volume". You see now at the bottom of the screen a controller, which should not be leftmost. This would mean that the alarm clock is muted.

Pull the slider all the way to the right. Only then you have the full volume.

Reset alarm or clock app on the Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, open the app menu and then the settings. Continue to the entry "Apps". Search for "clock" in the list and select it. It now appears the app info. In this select "Memory". Touch the following buttons one after the other:

  • Clear the cache
  • Clear the data

Attention! As a result, the set alarm clock will be lost!

Hopefully, with one of the two tips on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you have now successfully resolved the problem with the alarm clock or the non-sounding of the alarm.

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