Samsung Galaxy S8 Avoid Auto Factory Reset - Tip!

What's worse than an automatic factory reset that erases all your private data on the Samsung Galaxy S8? We would like to draw your attention to a setting here today that can trigger just such an automatic result. The language is of a special security setting within the Android operating system. More about this below:

Samsung Galaxy S8

The security feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is:

  • Reset automatically

After 15 wrong attempts to unlock the phone it will be reset to factory settings and all data, including files and downloaded apps will be deleted.

The danger posed by this safety function is obvious. Often we accidentally activated the screen while transporting the Samsung Galaxy S8 in our pocket or purse and then maybe entered a pin. If this is then registered as wrong and 15 times in succession, then your smartphone will automatically be deleted and reset to factory settings.

Of course you do not want this and that's why you should definitely disable this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8!

To do this, open the app menu on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then:

Settings -> Device Security -> Secure Lock Settings

You see now the following display:

Deactivated here now:

  • "Reset automatically"

So you have the security in the future that your Samsung Galaxy S8 is not reset automatically by accident.

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