Samsung Galaxy S8 battery consumption in StandBy very high – Tips

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy S8 that the battery consumption in the standby mode is very high, then this can have different causes. We would now like to give you three tips that will help you quickly if the battery consumption in the stand-by is too high:

Tip 1: Restart your smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8

An often underestimated method is the restart of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This causes all processes currently running in the background to be terminated. Restarting Android can often solve the issue of high battery drain.

Tip 2: Performing the device maintenance

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a fine software on board, the so-called "device maintenance". With this you can optimize the smartphone. This also means that apps that require too much battery power will be displayed and automatically sent to stand-by.

So you see on the one hand which apps suck the battery empty, on the other hand, these are also equal to "quiet". Especially if you want to use the app permanently, this feature is an advantage.

The device maintenance is located on the Samsung Galaxy S8 at:

  • Homescreen -> App Menu -> Settings -> Device Maintenance

Start the process by tapping "Fix Now".

Tip 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Last but not least we recommend you the wipe cache partition. This feature is almost always the optimal solution because it empties the system cache of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Since this function can only be used with a special key combination, we have written the procedure in an extra article:

  • Instructions for the Wipe Cache Partition

You now know three different methods that will help you if the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 quickly goes flat, even though the device is only in stand-by mode.

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