Samsung Galaxy S8 Best Camera Setup - Recommendation

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 you can take very beautiful photos, provided you use the right settings. That's why you're probably looking for the best camera settings for the Samsung Galaxy S8, so we've put together our recommendation for you:

Best settings in Pro Mode - resolution and ISO value

Samsung Galaxy S8

First of all, make sure you have the highest resolution. To do this, touch "Settings" (gearwheel icon) in the camera App and select "4:3 12M" for the image size.

In the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S8 wipes to the left and taps "Pro Mode".

The most important setting you now have to make is to set the ISO value from automatic to manual. Here we recommend the ISO value of 50, a short explanation:

The lower the ISO value for a photo, the better the image quality. Precondition. Bright environment and the camera should be kept quiet. When the ambient light is dark, the subject must not move.

The higher the ISO value, the poorer the image quality, but it is also possible to capture images in motion or twilight without blurring them.

Now tap "ISO" in the camera app and select "50".

Best settings in automatic mode

Here you have little room for adjustments. The only setting you can make here is the HDR mode and the filter setting. We do not recommend using filters and we also recommend to use the HDR mode with caution. Why? Images are highly saturated in strong sunlight.

Additional settings - RAW photos

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers the possibility to take photos in RAW format. A better post-processing of the photos can take place here. The option must be activated first.

We hope these tips have helped you get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. Have fun taking pictures.

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