Samsung Galaxy S8 camera HDR function - images at sun too saturated

We have already gained some experience with our Samsung Galaxy S8. It is noticeable to us that the saturation of the photos with activated HDR and strong sun exposure leads to completely saturated colors and thus the photo looks unreal.

This effect is increased especially when you photograph something, which is very color intensive. This includes, for example, a green meadow, blue sky or a green tree.

Samsung Galaxy S8

We have drawn the following conclusion from this:

In strong sunlight --> disable HDR mode of the camera.

Open the camera app and then tap in the "automatic mode" the icon with "HDR" until it is crossed out. You have now deactivated the camera HDR mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8 off and photos which you now take with the camera should not be so saturated.

The Solvemix team wishes you lots of fun while photographing with the Samsung Galaxy S8!


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