Samsung Galaxy S8 Change Clock Design on Always On Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an Always On Display. This means that when the smartphone is locked, information on the lock screen can be displayed. This includes a calendar, a private photo and a clock.

If you would like to adjust the design of the watch, you can do this using the following settings menu:

Adjust the display design of the watch on the Always On Display

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the app menu and then the settings

2. Scroll down and then select "Device Safety" - Select "Always On Display".

3. Under "Content to Display", select an option that contains "Clock".

4. You can now adjust the watch style. The choice is:

  • Digital clock
  • Analog
  • World Clock

5. When you select an option, you can change the clock style, and customize the color and background.

6. The settings are accepted with "Apply".

You now know how to adjust the appearance of the watch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Always On Display to your own requirements.

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