Samsung Galaxy S8 Charging Not Possible - Battery temperature too high

When temperatures get hotter in the summer, it sometimes happens that you get the following error message when you connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the charging cable to charge it:

"Charging not possible - Charging interrupted - Battery temperature too high".

In the following, we want to tell you the exact cause and what you can do now to recharge the smartphone anyway:


Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a sensor integrated, which constantly monitors the battery temperature. This ensures that there is no overheating of the battery cells. If, in addition to the operating temperature, heat from the outside acts on the housing, then the battery temperature can sometimes rise very quickly.

Possible situations are the following

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is in the sun: in the car, on the towel, on the balcony, etc. The error message is thus a protective function and helps to avoid major damage to your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Cooling the Samsung Galaxy S8

For the error message to disappear, you need to cool the Samsung Galaxy S8. This works in different ways. Here are the best tips and tricks for you:

Put within the car in the ventilation slot and cool with the air conditioning

Wrap in a slightly damp towel -> The evaporative cooling cools the S8 (only plug in again when the device is dry!)

​​Turn off the smartphone and put in the shade. Everything the smartphone cools is good. But care! To rough temperature changes may also be bad for the device! So don´t put it in a fridge or something similar!


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