Samsung Galaxy S8 Cut, copy and paste - so it works

When you write a text with the Samsung Galaxy S8, you may need the following text-based features: Copy, cut, and paste. This allows you to easily insert words or text sections from one text into another text. How this works on the Samsung Galaxy S8 we want to explain to you now:

Copy Text & Words on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, press once on one of the words. The word is now selected and a toolbar appears. With the blue mark at the word, you can extend the range. This way, entire texts can be marked. Then select "Copy from" in the processing band. Finished!

Cut Text & Words out on the Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, proceed as described above, but then select "Cut" instead of "Copy".

Insert Text & Words on the Samsung Galaxy S8

To paste the copied text from the clipboard again, press a blank space in a text box. The editing tape will appear again and you can now select the "Insert" option. Alternatively, you can also paste content from the clipboard. Then select "Clipboard".

You now know how to use the "Copy & Paste" function very simply in Android and on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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