Samsung Galaxy S8 Delete single words in dictionary - solved

The Samsung Galaxy S8 dictionary, which is integrated within the keyboard, learns your special words and includes them in its index. This is great, of course, because so quickly a colloquial word on the dictionary can be selected.

However, it may well be that sometimes a word was misspelled and this is now listed in the dictionary. If you would like to remove a special word from the dictionary on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you must proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open an app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in which the keyboard is displayed.

2. Now type in the first few letters of the word which one should be removed from the dictionary

3. This will now be displayed in the preview. Press for about 2 seconds on the entry and a message appears which will allow to delete it.:

4. Confirm the removal with "OK" Then the word is removed from your dictionary again and you can either re-train this or leave it removed.

You now know procedure for removing individual words from the keyboard dictionary on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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