Samsung Galaxy S8 disable shutter sound of camera

Whenever you take a photo or a video with the Samsung Galaxy S8 you hear a short sound - the shutter sound. This "shutter sound" is intended to indicate you and to your surroundings that a photo is taken. Unfortunately, this sound can also interfere.

Especially in a quiet environment, such as a museum or monument, it often makes sense to disable the shutter sound of the camera. Most likely you will not find a suitable setting in the camera app for this. These are also not available. This is intended to preemptively prevent the clandestine capture of photos.

However, you can still use a little trick to mute the sound of the camera while taking an image or video. This works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Before you take a picture, pull the status bar with two fingers down from the top of the display

2. Touch the Quick Sound button

3. This will change to "Vibration" or if you tap it again to "Mute"

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in Vibration or Mute mode, the shutter sound of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is deactivated and you will not hear any sound when you take a photo.

You now know how to disable the shutter sound of the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or mute it. Please remember to set the mode back to "Loud" after the recording.

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