Samsung Galaxy S8 Enable On Body detection - Smart Lock

Maybe you've heard of the "Smart Lock" function on your Samsung Galaxy S8. No? Smart Lock is a way to tell your smartphone in a variety that it is in a secure environment and it does not need to activate the lock screen.

For example, you can deactivate the lock screen automatically in a car with a Bluetooth hands-free system or at a specific GPS position. Even if you wear the S8 on the body you can pause with Smart Lock a locking of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is the so-called on body recognition. We tell you how to disable this on the Samsung Galaxy S8:

To do this, please open the following Android submenu of your S8:

Start screen --> Settings --> Device security --> Smart Lock

Now enter the pin to access the options. You will now see four different methods of Smart Lock:

  • On body detection
    • Trustworthy places
    • Trustworthy devices (Bluetooth)
    • Voice recognition

Please tap the on body detection and activate it by means of the control on the upper right. As long as you hold your device in your hand or carry it in your handbag, this remains unlocked. Only when you place the Samsung Galaxy S8 on a table, the screen is activated and you must use your unlocking method to re-use the device.

A useful feature that you can use to permanently unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8, but still are protected from third party access.


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