Samsung Galaxy S8 exclamation mark next to WiFi symbol

Sometimes it happens that in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8 next to the W-Lan symbol a small exclamation mark appears. This is not always the case, but only at certain times? Then the cause is most likely the following.

The exclamation mark next to the W-Lan symbol appears whenever the connectivity with the Internet is very bad and the device is about to lose the connection, so to communicate with the Internet.

This usually happens when your Samsung Galaxy S8 is far away from your W-Lan router or is generally a problem with your internet provider.

What can you do now to eliminate this problem or the exclamation point in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8? 

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Restart the Samsung Galaxy S8

2. Restart the router

3. Shorten the distance to the router or set up the router at a new location

4. Check the current interference of your own DSL or cable connection

You can do little else on the other hand. Depending on how often this happens, it might make sense to access a new W-Lan router. You now know why your Samsung Galaxy S8 shows an exclamation mark next to the WiFi symbol.

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