Samsung Galaxy S8 fast charge does not work then display is activated

If you want to charge the Samsung Galaxy S8 fast and by the way also still actively use it, then this can be problematic. Why? Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not charged quickly when the display is active at the same time.

You can check this by using the app "Ampere" for example.

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is noticeable that when the smartphone is used during the charging process, it is not charged as quickly as when it is not in operation.

So if you want to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 just quickly, because you are on the road again, we recommend you not to use the device during the charging process, but leave it in the standby mode. This will cause your battery to charge with the highest charging current.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 uses Quick Charge 2.0 which is the cause of this problem. This standard does not allow the device to be used with a constant high charging current. This is possible with other Smartphones which use Quick Charge 4.0.


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