Samsung Galaxy S8 feels slow – how to accelerate

TouchWiz It can happen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 that when navigating the menu or switching between apps every now and then takes a second. This usually causes the whole Samsung Galaxy S8 to feel slow and you want more Performance again.

Here is usually the user interface "TouchWiz" the reason. Fortunately, this can be accelerated. How this works exactly, we would now like to explain in more detail:

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, you must first activate the developer options on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This works as follows: Instructions

Then please open the App menu and there the settings. Now scroll down to the developer options you just unlocked and open them. Now activate the master controller at the top and then scroll down to the "Drawing" section.

Now you can find:

  • Window animation size
  • Transition animation size
  • Animator duration scale

Now you have to set the "animation size" from "1x" to "Off" for the three options mentioned above.

This will now disable the animation and thus accelerate the Samsung Galaxy S8. From now on, the transitions will be faster and the system will perform better. You now know how to speed up TouchWiz and the Android operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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