Samsung Galaxy S8 How do I activate the aircraft mode? Solved

If you are flying with your Samsung Galaxy S8, then you will be prompted to activate your smartphone's airplane mode before take-off. But even when sleeping at night, it can be useful to activate the aircraft mode so as to avoid cell phone radiation.

Let us explain to you how to can quickly and easily activate the aircraft mode on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

On any screen, drag the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S8 with two fingers from top to bottom in the screen. This will now allow you to see all the Quick Start Toggles. One of them has the symbol of a small airplane.

Touch the aircraft icon to activate flight mode on the smartphone. Now all active connections are disconnected and the transmission power of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is reduced to zero.

In addition to the necessity of aircraft mode during an air travel, the mode can also save battery power. Therefore, we recommend you to activate this mode during the night while sleeping.


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