Samsung Galaxy S8 How to block Caller ID

If you have the problem that you are constantly receiving calls from an unknown number on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and therefore a suppressed phone number, then you have the option of automatically blocking calls of this type.

How this works in the settings of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we will explain in more detail below:

Automatically block anonymous calls with "Unknown caller" or "Private Call"

Samsung Galaxy S8

Open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then in the overview on the three-dot icon in the top right corner the menu. Now select "Settings". You can continue by selecting the following menu entry:

  • Locking numbers

Right at the beginning you will now see the option: "Block unknown calls". Move the slider to "on" and you're safe from calling under unknown numbers.

Because whenever such a call is received on your Samsung Galaxy S8, it is automatically blocked and rejected. So you know now how to block callers who call with suppressed phone number on your Samsung Galaxy S8.


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