Samsung Galaxy S8 How to boot into safe mode - Solved

If you discover any bugs or problems on your Samsung Galaxy S8 that you believe are related to a newly installed app, then we recommend you to start the device in safe mode. Because this mode does not load apps from third parties. Therefore, previously known errors should no longer appear.

We will show you how to install Samsung Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode:

Enable Safe Mode on the Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S8 completely off

2. Press and hold the following keys to turn it back on:

  • Power Button
  • Volume down key

The volume-down soft key must be held up until the S8 has fully booted the Android OS. The power button can be released after the start.

3. Once Android is loaded, you will see a note with "Safe Mode" at the bottom left, meaning it is now active.

All apps that are not included in the firmware have not been loaded, which means you cannot use them. If your Samsung Galaxy S8 now works as usual, then you can assume that the error is an additional installed app.

You now know the key combination to boot the Samsung Galaxy S8 into Safe Mode.

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