Samsung Galaxy S8 How to change background image - tip

With its own background image one can beautify the everyday life. Because whenever you activate the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can see your personal picture.

If you do not currently know how to change the background image for the home screen and the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8, then that is not a problem. We explain this step by step.

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, first open the app menu and then the settings. Go to "Background and Themes". Above you can see "My Background Images". Touch the left image. This will now show you the gallery. In this you will find all the photos you have stored on your smartphone.

Select an image and a query will appear for what you want to use. You can choose from:

  • Start screen
  • lock screen
  • Start and lock screen

Depending on what you want to use the background image, tap the appropriate button. Finished

You now know how to set the background image for the home screen or the start screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with your own photo.


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