Samsung Galaxy S8 How to change font size - from small to large

If the font size of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is too small or too big, then you can change it of course. For this, there is a suitable submenu within the Android system settings, where you can choose from a scale from "very small" to "very large".

We describe you where the sub-menu is located and where you can change the font size.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Start on the start screen of the smartphone and then navigate to the app menu and go to "Settings". Here you will find the entry "Display". Select it and the corresponding submenu appears.

In this you can now tap "Screen zoom and font". You should already see the scale for the font size.  

Now put the mark where you think the font size appeals to you. You can check the effect directly in the preview above. Once you have made your selection, tap "Apply" in the upper right corner. Finished!

You now know the procedure to change the font size on the new Samsung Galaxy S8.


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