Samsung Galaxy S8 How to delete saved game data to play it again

If you have installed a game app on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you might have played the game after some time. But the game has been so much fun that you might ask the question: How can I delete my score and start the game again? We would like to answer this question:

Samsung Galaxy S8

 To do this, first open the following submenu of the Android operating system on your smartphone:

Homescreen --> Settings --> Apps

Now search for the app where you would like to delete the game. If you found the app in the list, tap it to display its app information.

In this, select "Storage". You will now see a button with "Delete data". Select it. This deletes the game stats in the app. If you open the app now, you will be able to start the game from the beginning.

We hope you enjoy the game again on the Samsung Galaxy S8 ;-)


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